Time Change Blues?


Time Change Blues


Please tell me I’m not the only one that right about now wants to crawl under my blanket and not wake up until about a week after the time change? I never used to particularly enjoy it but now with kids for some reason it’s harder. Instead of looking forward to cold nights in front of the fire doing nothing with Hubs I find myself not at looking forward to the prospect of entertaining two rambunctious boys every night inside the house.

This year I’ve got a secret weapon or two to help out and I’d love to share! Certain of the pure Young Living Essential Oils are really good for a mood uplift and these are ones I’m going to be using this year particularly in my diffuser. A diffuser is key for oils as then everyone gets the benefit and I’ve found that Joy oil really helps prevent my kids butting heads if I diffuse for about 30 minutes each morning!