How I Use Essential Oils For Grief.

Many of you are suffering. I’ve had messages, prayer requests and seen things in our FB group. Many of you have friends suffering and my heart is sad. I’m praying a TON and also researching my tush off to bring you wisdom. If you’re dealing with grief during the holidays here are some things that may help. Please note, I’m not a medical professional and am not telling you to get off anti depressants. I am simply sharing things I’ve seen help in my own life.

1. Fix Your Gut.

Here’s a great research article on nutritional deficiencies with depression.

+ Megacal
+ Mineral Essence
+ Omegagize
+ Multigreens
+ Sulferzyme
According to many including a former RN I talked to your GUT is the thing that needs healing the most. Most of your Serotonin is produced there so let’s fix that!

2. Accept your feelings.

Everyone takes his or her own path in grief and mourning. Some may try to avoid sad feelings; others will be bathed in tears. Some feel bad that they aren’t up to enjoying a holiday; others feel guilty because they are feeling joy.

Accept whatever you are feeling, as well as the inevitable ups and downs. You may feel peaceful one moment and gut-wrenchingly sad the next. If you stay in tune with your own needs, you’ll know how to get through the holiday without judging yourself or others.

3. Get support.

I LOVE therapy and I hate how it’s been pushed on one side and considered taboo. During this time there are many Grief Share groups at churches or even online here.

4. Give.

In times of grief and loss, when we may feel paralyzed by sheer emotion or negative feelings (sadness, anger, resentment), the biggest comfort may come from giving to others. Taking action that makes a difference can help widen our perspectives. Whenever I’ve volunteered, it’s always taken the focus off me and made it easier to cope.

Did you know that you can use essential oils to naturally support your emotions? There are many oils to support sorrow and sometimes you need to experiment a bit to figure out which one you best respond to. I know of a friend that goes to her Farmacy of oils and starts smelling one at a time until she feels better. Start with tree oils!

5. Stages Of Grief

There are 5 documented stages of grief per the Kübler-Ross model, which is described as a series of emotions experienced by terminally ill patients prior to death, or people who have lost a loved one, wherein the five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Using specific essential oils during these times may help. Remember: consistency is key so grab a roller and use often.


So many people feel overwhelmed during this time and in complete shock. Bringing oils with you everywhere and applying consistently can help you move beyond it. Oils to use: Geranium and Lavender.


Anger is the next stage where you begin to feel more compared to the denial stage where everything may feel numb. The emotions are strong as they kick in. Oils to help support are any calming oils such as Peace & Calming, Stress Away and Roman Chamomile. Applying Trauma Life over your kidney may also help.


This is a strong emotion as you may plead with God for what you wish to happen. Guilt can also creep in and will play out all the “what ifs”. Oils to use: Forgiveness, SARA, Hope, Peppermint.


This time can leave one feeling empty and loss. Some become withdrawn to other things going on around them in their “everyday life”. This stage is very normal especially after the loss of a loved one as we know that the stages of grief are all necessary for the healing process. Oils to help: Bergamot, Joy, Frankincense.


This is about dealing and accepting the reality of the situation. It doesn’t mean one is ever “ok” with what has happened but they have developed their own method of coping and is the beginnings of moving forward with their life. Some oils to help: Present Time and Acceptance, Coriander and Orange.

Oils to Help.

Singles: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile, Juniper, Bergamot, and White Angelica.

Blends: Forgiveness, Gentle Baby, Present Time, Release, 3 Wise Men, Valor or even Joy. The whole Feelings Kit is amazing!

How To Use Essential Oils for Emotions.

I like to apply emotional oils close to my heart or over my wrists. I will rub them behind my ears or wear them in a diffuser necklace or on a scarf that I apply often.

Massage is another great way to use oils for emotional release and the self care is good too!

Grief Diffuser Blend
Add 2 drops each to cool mist diffuser: Marjarom, Lemon, Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Bergamot.

Grief Rollerball Recipe
Using a 10 mL roller top bottle add 12 drops Bergamot, 8 drops Frankincese and 5 drops Vetiver. Top with your favorite carrier oils.

How have you used oils for grief?