Items You’ll Need to Use Your Oils

Items you'll need

Yay, you just bought Young Living oils but what in the world next and where are all those cute containers everyone else is using?! Well fear not! Here’s a list of things we love:

Favorite Websites

1) Check out Vitacost and get $10 OFF your order of $30 or more when you use this Vitacost link.

2) Amazon has tons of items you’ll need but price check with the next website to ensure you’re getting a good deal!

3) Aromatherapy needs at Abundant Health.

Specifics (click on product to find where to buy)

Best Carrier Oils:

We love the V6 from Young Living or an organic unrefined coconut oil. My fave place for that is….ALDI! Can you believe it? If not this is a good one here.
Jojoba oil or grapeseed oil are 2 other good ones.

Arrowroot powder.

Castille soap can be purchased from local stores like Target or Meijer or from here.

Glycerin.: please note this is a big bottle of the stuff but still the best price.

Aloe vera gel. The best place is Trader Joe’s but if there’s none local then here.