How to Get Your Premium Starter Kit Paid For

How to get your premium starter kit paid for

Although there are cheaper essential oils on the market everyone who I’ve spoken to who’s used them has commented in a similar fashion: “It may be cheaper but it never worked. Young Living works!

Yes they do and that’s why I love them! Quality really does matter and with these I know what I’m getting because of their Seed to Seal promise. So the next question, how can I afford them?

24% off

Well once you become a member with Young Living you get your oils discounted at 24% off! Yes that’s a huge discount. But you want to get them paid for right?

Getting paid.

For every person who you refer to Young Living who purchases the Premium Starter Kit you receive a check for around $50. Yes, $50! So if you refer just 4 people to Young Living you receive $200 and your kit is paid for 🙂

But I don’t want to sell.

Me neither but here’s the thing: have the oils helped your family? Are you feeling better? Getting better sleep? Are your kids focusing more at school? FABULOUS! Then tell your friends that. Trust me it never feels like selling when we share like that and your friends will more thank likely thank you and want to share with their friends. Win-win!

How do I share?

Simply talk to friends about the oils and what they’ve done for you. Ask them if they’d be interested in seeing a short video about the oils and then send them the video below. They can also sign up for our FREE Introduction to Oils ecourse that they can sign up for on the right. Then if you have a couple of friends who want to know more why not host a class. The person from Oilers On A Mission who introduced you to oils will help you out with that and we’ll do all the work…you just open your home or find a local coffee-shop where we can meet and chat health and wellness.

Oh my! They’re ready to sign up!

Great then please head to Enter your member ID in both the enroller and sponsor box and send your friend that. Now after that you’ll see them in your virtual office in your downline.

Can I Share on Facebook?

Sure in fact we’ve got some great photos that you can share on your wall or in messages with friends. See here!

Ok I’m hooked sign me up!

Please talk to the person who sent you to this site. For Mummy Deals readers please head here for Clair to help you sign up!

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