Homemade Body Butter


Homemade Body Butter

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This homemade body butter is a rich lotion made with shea butter and essential oils and this year I’m making homemade body butter for friends as gifts!

Before we get going a couple of things I’ve noticed:

  • Shea butter doesn’t smell the greatest so you’re going to want to use the essential oils to cover the smell as well as adding extra help with dry skin.
  • This lotion is one that you’ll want to apply at night and let it sit as it is greasy but really does help soften your hands! A lot of traditional lotions are watered down and although they’re not as greasy I was finding I was needing to apply several times a day to make my hands less dry.

Ok so you’re gonna need some oils. I Love Young Living Essential Oils.

Homemade Body Butter 2

Homemade Body Butter 4

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